Our Syllabus

Course includes short video lectures, writing exercises, and actionable suggestions that you can apply to any genre of writing.

Week one: Of heroes and heroines

What's the difference and why does it matter?

Week two: Structure

How the narrative arc for a heroine might flow.

Week three: Armature

The framework on which to hang your story.

Week four: Archetypes

Characters, metaphors, and opportunities.

Take this course if you want to:

Write unforgettable stories that change the patriarchal narrative.

Get motivated to write an original book-length work that feels authentic.

Connect with a community of women writers and find paying markets for your work.

About the Instructor

Heather Jo Flores is a hummingbird spitfire obsessed with words, plants, and monster movies. She's also a published author, organic farmer, environmental activist, and a leader in the International permaculture movement. Her MFA degree focused on developing a Heroine's Journey formula for contemporary feminist writers, and using it to help women find both a voice AND a paying market for their work.

Here's what students are saying about this course:


"As a traditionally educated writer and editor, I searched for alternatives to the Hero's Journey which didn't fit the stories my clients and I were writing. I knew that white men making assumptions, teaching, and determining what stories were 'good enough' to share with the world meant we were missing the majority of humanity's stories. Heather's work is the best I've seen on this topic and her resource list has helped me and my clients further craft a common language around the work we do. I recommend Heather's course wholeheartedly."


"Ecofeminism is our best hope for a future life on this planet. There are almost no novels to show the possibilities. I already write ecofeminist books, and wanted better skills to make them good to read. I also wanted to be in touch with others who share this vision. Heather knows what she's talking about. She teaches in a natural and personal way, and has deeply thought through how it is for women in patriarchy, and how we can take a new approach, to our lives and our writing. It's rare and precious, and she's turned her vision into practical down to earth tools and methods."


"I took the intro to the heroine's journey course because i wanted to start writing. I liked that it was well-constructed, clear, informative and free! It made me realize how women are portrayed in fiction, tv, film, that is, in a very reduced/compressed manner.I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed the extent of that reduction or dismissal before. The course was a real eye opener and I loved how the it widened my perspective. Much gratitude to you Heather."